Vanja Mijac,
academic sculptor
My name is Vanja Mijač and I was born on January 11, 1978, in Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2001 I graduated from the Art Academy in Široki Brijeg, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the class of professor Stipe Sikirica, where I acquired the title Art-Academy Graduate Sculptor and the Teacher of Art. Since 2003. I working on my pieces of artistic jewellery.
Considering the fact that I stem from an artistic family involved in jewellery, a logical step was connecting my family's tradition to my own knowledge and skills. It was initially a game - I took a piece of sea shell and a piece of string and bound it with a piece of stone into the form of a ring, bracelet, pendant. and that was how the fairy tale started. My main working materials were silver and semi-precious stones. However, with time, my need for adventure and creative expression moved the boundaries. This is the reason why I now combine almost incompatible materials. Moreover, the latter has become my main preoccupation. Brass, leather, fabric, glass, computer chips, sea shell, a pearl, semi-precious stones. and those are only a few materials I use. In the end it all transformed into redesigning and recycling of used, shattered and discarded, old filigreed pieces of silver or the leftovers of already used leather. In the world of today, when industrialisation practically swept away haand-made art, I am playing and creating my little wearable sculptures, offering a fresh view of the carefully selected fragments of the days of yore.
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