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"Film Noire Collection" Vanja Mijač Jewellery is known to be the ornament of human body, an addition to the natural beauty and outfit. It is most commonly related to women and their craving for precious materials – gold and silver, as well as semi-precious stones, in order to enhance their beauty, hairdo and clothes selection. Regarding the style, jewellery has stood alongside the fluctuations in the history of art and enriched national costumes. It has been treasured and kept as a dear memory, but also as an item of material or artistic value. Nowadays, goldsmiths turn back to the old ways and techniques of jewellery design. In order not to forget notable parts of cultural heritage like old handicraft, historical and ethnographic pieces of jewellery have been replicated. All this leads to the fa...
Film Noir collection 2009
After the completion of Art Academy in Široki Brijeg, a rich aura of postmodernism gave the opportunity to Vanja Mijač to direct the development of her sophisticated talent towards smaller forms, especially artistic jewellery which, in an amazing way, etherised her poetic nature and close connection to dreams, colours and exciting solutions. Jewellery is a personality extension to Vanja. Every designed item reflects both the cultural heritage of her surrounding environment and the decorative quality of the compositions, as well as the strength of inventiveness in forming specific constructions. At first glance, this hand-made jewellery reveals the artist’s preoccupation with ornaments by using old buckles or polished shells from Australia. By no means can this be compared to the mere stringing up of Fimo clay, be...
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